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Welcome to all english spreaking friends and clients!


The one-on-one Coachings and StrategySessions I offer in english, too. I studied with many english speaking teachers and I have several international clients.


I am trained in Trance-Coaching, NLP-Techniques and Top Coaching.

I like to work on the values, that represent the basis of our inner motivation, and if we discover obstacles, we can release them.

You can get rid of thought patterns and habits you would like to change. Your positive attitude can be strengthened.


When you are free of your old ties and you realize how to truly motivate yourself, you will be unstoppable, you can really give your best - and you will be able to create the life you are dreaming of.

We can discuss the possibilities, according to your situation.

Please feel free to contact me via email .


Looking forward to hearing from you,

sincerely yours, Antonia


Antonia Daniek




Antonia Daniek


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Das nächstes Mastermind

startet im November 2016.

Termine im Überblick


Spruch des Monats

"TU ES! Sei mutig!

Trau dich, dein Potential zu leben.

Lerne aus den Hindernissen und mach´ weiter.

Alles ist möglich!"

                     Antonia Daniek

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