Antonia Daniek

dipl. Business Economics, Life-Coach

dipl. Qi-Mag® Feng Shui Consultant, since 2000


I worked in a Marketing and PR-Department for many years, when I discovered that I would love to know more about the holistic approaches on Selfdevelopment and on how you can improve the environment – so I used all the free time to learn more.

I studied the Art of Feng Shui, got a deeper understanding on Buddhist Philosophy, read every book that interested me and visited many different workshops. There are so many wonderful things in this world.


My main educations:

  • Diploma in Business Economics, 1997, VWA Augsburg, Germany
  • Feng Shui with Grandmaster Dr. Jes T. Y. Lim (Qi-Mag Institut),
  • Feng Shui Logo-Design with Dr. Jes T. Y. Lim (Qi-Mag Institut)
  • Tao-Geomancy with Dr. Jes T. Y. Lim, in Malaysia
  • Studies of buddhist Philosophy at KIBI, New Delhi/India
  • Trance-Coaching with Dr. Roy Martina, Netherlands,
  • Top-Coach Training with Iwan Marckmann
    and René Martina, Italy
  • Time Line Training with Tad & Adriana James, Italy


Since I started to work as a Coach, I am fascinated of the deapth and power of these methods. I offer inspiring workshops and Successteams, Group Coaching Programs and individual Coachings.


Antonia Daniek


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Das nächstes Mastermind

startet im November 2016.

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Spruch des Monats

"TU ES! Sei mutig!

Trau dich, dein Potential zu leben.

Lerne aus den Hindernissen und mach´ weiter.

Alles ist möglich!"

                     Antonia Daniek

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