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When I was a child, my mom and a group of friends had a big dream, a vision of creating a buddhist retreat center in the beautiful mountainside of bavaria... And they did!


So I grew up with tibetan monks next to cows, with people meditating under trees, with different languages around me. And With guests from all over the world.

That is what nurtured me. And still nurtures me:

Living in the middle of different cultures, generations - different mindsets, yet truly connected. With deep conversations, teachings on karma, on cause and effect, on the power of taking self responsibility, on working with the mind.
What I learned there as well, was about the power of a loving community, the power of collaboration and the power of vision, when you are really passionate and act upon it - everything is possible!


WHY I am here and what I aim to co-create:

My Dream:

I want to create a world of meaning, of reconnection. A world where People support each other, locally, interculturally and in between social groups. A truly interconnected world, where we communicate from the heart. A society where knowledge, insights, resources and tools are shared to improve the life for all of us.
When we connect to our inner wisdom and share our insights we can create synergies we have never dreamt to be possible.
I know that WE ARE ABLE to CARE, to SHARE and to COLLABORATE more. I know that we are able to strengthen love and increase authenticity and mutual support in our daily life.

I believe, it is essential to share the universal wisdom with our children, have them meditate in schools and at home, let them experience the beauty of connecting to nature and taking care of her. Let´s show our children how they can peacefully communicate with other people and nature, nurturing each other and developing new solutions.
We have this beautiful planet to feed and nourish us, so we shall show our gratitude by collaborating with nature, rather than extinguishing it. Let's not take this planet for granted!


My Gifts:

I support people to deeply connect with their unique qualities and gifts and I inspire them to bring those into the world.

My focus is on Personal Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Therapists, who want to be part of the global change by expressing their essence and sharing their unique gifts.
A side effect of discovering their uniqueness and clear vision is, that they then can easily collaborate with likeminded people. No more need to compete.


To open possibilites for Connection and Co-Creation I organize LiveEvents and I offer Mastermind-Groups.


Antonia Daniek

dipl. Business Economics, Life-Coach

dipl. Qi-Mag® Feng Shui Consultant


I worked in a Marketing and PR-Department for many years, when I discovered that I would love to know more about the holistic approaches on Selfdevelopment and on how you can improve the environment – so I used all the free time to learn more.

I studied the Art of Feng Shui, got a deeper understanding on Buddhist Philosophy, read every book that interested me and visited countless workshops. And I still do so. I am on a journey of lifelong learning.


My main educations:

  • Studies of buddhist Philosophy at KIBI, New Delhi/India, 1994
  • Diploma in Business Economics, 1997, VWA Augsburg, Germany
  • Feng Shui with Grandmaster Dr. Jes T. Y. Lim (Qi-Mag Institut),
  • Feng Shui Logo-Design with Dr. Jes T. Y. Lim (Qi-Mag Institut)
  • Tao-Geomancy with Dr. Jes T. Y. Lim, in Malaysia
  • Trance-Coaching with Dr. Roy Martina, Netherlands,
  • Top-Coach Training with Iwan Marckmann
    and René Martina, Italy
  • Time Line Training with Tad & Adriana James, Italy
  • Speaker and BusinessTrainings with Clinton Swaine, US/UK,
    (ongoing lifetime membership)


Since I started to work as a Coach, I am fascinated of the depth and power of these methods. I offer workshops, successteams, Group Coaching Programs and individual Coachings.


Antonia Daniek






Das neue CoachingProgramm startet im April 2019. 


"TU ES! Sei mutig!

Lerne aus den Herausforderungen und mach´ weiter.

Alles ist möglich!"

                     Antonia Daniek

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